Top 10 Women’s Fashion in the Office Workplace

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Avoid the fashion drama and office gossip at work by wearing the basic outfits for work that look both respectable and classy!

1. Clean Crisp White Shirt
You can’t go wrong with a clean looking white shirt, without the frills! It goes with everything, from pants to skirts, suits in any color!

2. Classic Black Pants
Not pencil thin that resembles Olivia Newton John’s black pants in Grease and not the flared kind which makes you look like you just stepped out of the 70′s. But rather, a classic, straight cut black pants which will stand the test of time.

3. Pin Striped Suit
Matching suit with pants or skirt. There’s usually a pin striped suit to match today’s latest fashion style.

4. Straight Mid-Length Black Skirt
While wearing skirts at work, don’t go for the too tarty short skirts or the really long skirts which might make you look dowdy. Wear the simple, mid-length skirts with a straight cut.

5. Classy Handbag
If your handbag is all tattered and torn, invest in a professional looking, take-me-seriously type handbag. You don’t want to be walking around with a glittery, over-styled handbag, either, that would make you look like you’re headed to a night club. Stick to the neutral colors which will match most of your classy looking outfits.

6. Simple but Stylish Shoes
Wear mid to low heels where you feel comfortable with it on. Opt for closed-in leather shoes in darker colors. Save the ultra high heels and knee high boots to casual outings.

7. Simple Red Shirt
Once in awhile, you might want to spice up your work wear by matching a plain skirt with a red shirt. Keep it nice and simple, though! You don’t want too many stitches, laces or frills on a shirt which will already attract enough attention.

8. Navy Blue Suit
Navy is next to black. It’s almost a standard in most offices. Wear this if you’re not in the mood to go black.

9. Trendy Blouse
If you are to wear the latest fashion in blouses, pick a more subtle design or color that suits you. Don’t just wear any new thing just because it’s the latest fashion. If it doesn’t suit you, it will just make you look silly and the fashion police will be all over you!

10. Smart Accessories
Don’t go overboard with the bling! In the office, once again, it should be simple and stylish. Gold watch, simple necklace and matching earrings… keep the piercings to a minimum and avoid jewelry that’s too loud and big.

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